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The relationship with school is stronger


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Time: 1:20 mins


Keith Francois, Father of Claude:

"What we do is we incorporate it weekly, like, we’ll get him, because Claude’s quite slow in learning and we’ve found out once this has come into action, he really, really tries, he enjoys wanting to tell us what he has done at school. Not like before he’s just had, he’s just his pictures and his stories. Now we can actually see from the teacher’s point of view how Claude’s advancing – you can, ’cause all kids don’t learn the same. So with that, Noelene actually will be surprised at times when Claude can – she will read up a part and say – ‘Claude, you did this today’ and we actually go through that process at home.

And, so we feel we catch up on to do stuff like that. Apart from the daily homework but … there’s times he will come home and say – ‘Dad, I had hard work today, very difficult’. So we go through what was it about and you will find out there’s certain things – he had problem with spelling. But it’s all there. And then we as parents can work on it. So it’s just a link that I find very good. It was a close link with the school and the parents, the narrative you see."