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How narrative assessments help

Press play button to begin audio (play button is the white circle with the grey arrow at bottom centre of the player).

To play the audio track again click the grey arrow in the white box pointing to the left (bottom left corner of the player).

Time: 0:37 secs


Susan Fuiavailili, Teacher’s Aide:

"Because I’ve worked with him for over a year now I can see where he’s come from, what he’s achieved, and probably what he’s capable of. So not limiting him knowing that he is capable of doing more than what he is doing. So I think narratives are great in that way in that …. you can see the student’s … the student’s capability really. And know that, okay, he can do that, he then realised he could, and now we can set goals to help push him along further. So, yeah, it’s been good in that sense."