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Aimee makes links with shapes

Matching shapes to labels and attributes

Student Aimee Date 13 March 2006 (9.30am)
Topic Mathematics – geometry Observer Meeling (teacher)

Aimee has shown me that she really knows her basic two-dimensional shapes well so I decided to offer her a new challenge. I introduced a set of three-dimensional shapes for her to identify. After describing the shape attributes to her, I wrote them down so that she could read them on her own. We had a few sessions of matching the objects to labelled cards with gradual reduction in prompting.

On 10 March 2006, Aimee got four out of the six three-dimensional shapes correct when asked to match the objects to the described attributes independently. She listened to my feedback attentively when I gave her clues as to why two of them did not match.

Today, I asked Aimee to match the three-dimensional objects to their names. She concentrated on her task without any delay after I laid out the cards for her: cylinder; cone; prism; cube; pyramid; and sphere. Aimee placed all the wooden objects correctly on the corresponding names written on the cards. I was so delighted and Aimee smiled and was obviously pleased with her achievement.

Footnote: For one of our weekly experience outside the classroom (EOTC) activities, we went to the Christchurch Botanical Gardens to look at shapes in the children’s playground. Aimee knew all the basic two-dimensional shapes.

Aimee was encouraged to spot shapes around her as often as possible, whether she was in or out of the classroom. Jill (teacher aide) reported that Aimee was busy describing shapes she saw while travelling in the van on subsequent outings. The most remarkable one was when Aimee said, “That’s a cube!” when she saw the three-dimensional shape on top of a building.