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Aimee makes links with shapes

Matching shapes to labels and attributes

Analysis – what learning is happening here?

Links to individual education programme

  • Specific learning outcome 3: Become more independent across a range of settings.

Initially, Aimee showed no interest in the new task. As she grew in understanding, her confidence also increased over the weeks. She showed responsibility for her own learning rather than depend on staff to help her all the time.

Key competencies

Managing self

  • I can be responsible for my own learning.


  • I can figure it out.

Using language, symbols, and texts

  • I can listen to others.
  • I can show you what I think.
  • I can tell you what I think.

Learning areas

Level 1 mathematics and statistics: Geometry and Measurement: shape

  • Exploring shapes – identify and describe three dimensional shapes.

Aimee has learnt that shapes have corners, straight lines, and curves. By using these attributes described for her and the additional written cues on the cards, Aimee was able to identify the shapes of the three-dimensional objects presented to her.