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Aimee makes links with shapes

Relating geometrical shapes to everyday objects

Student Aimee Date 13 March 2006 (11.00am)
Topic Free time Observer Meeling (teacher)
Jill (teacher aide)

Today, I placed the geometrically shaped resources on the bench and tables in the classroom to see what would happen. We did not get as much done, as I did not want to overload the students. Curriculum delivery is always dependent on how the students are each day to maximise learning.

At about 10.30am, during break time, Aimee saw a red cone that was attached to a cardboard roll. She said, “That’s a cone”.

I replied, “That’s good noticing”.

As she wandered around the class, Aimee stopped to look at a cork bottle top. She asked herself out loud, “What is this shape?” to which she replied aloud, “It’s a cylinder”. Jill and I exclaimed in unison, “That’s a learning story!” (The students are familiar with us using that expression and understand that it is a compliment about achievement.)

It was close to story writing time so I suggested to Aimee that she could write her own learning story. Jill gave her some help in phrasing her story so that Aimee could write as independently as possible. Aimee copied the spelling for “cylinder” from the card and she used “My Dictionary” to help her spell “shape”.