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Aimee makes links with shapes

Relating geometrical shapes to everyday objects

Analysis – what learning is happening here?

Links to individual education programme

  • Demonstrate communicative skills and understanding in a variety of ways.

Aimee has demonstrated her communicative skills in both oral and written form in response to the bottle top she saw. She wrote her personal experience by herself in a simple sentence, with the help of her dictionary and the card (see photo in learning story "Matching shapes to labels and attributes").

Key competencies

Using language, symbols, and text

  • I can tell you what I think.


  • I can use what I already know.

Managing self

  • I can be independent.
  • I can be responsible for my own learning.

Learning areas

Level 1 English: Speaking, Writing, and Presenting: processes and strategies

  • Creates texts by using [meaning, structure, visual, and graphophonic sources of information,] prior knowledge, and some processing strategies with some confidence.

Level 1 mathematics and statistics: Geometry and Measurement: shape

  • Exploring shape, identify and describe three-dimensional shapes.

Aimee is relating mathematical concepts to everyday objects. Her grasp of three-dimensional shapes is continually being consolidated by her own self-initiated observation.