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Aimee makes links with shapes

Three-dimensional shapes check-in

Student Aimee Date 19 March 2007
Topic Three-dimensional shapes assessment Observer Meeling (teacher)

Last year at school, Aimee learnt about three-dimensional shapes in term 1.

Today, Aimee was given the same shapes and cards as last year and was asked to match the labels to the shapes. Aimee got two correct out of the six. We went through the descriptions as to why they were correct.

For the other shapes, I flipped the cards over to enable her to read the descriptions by herself. I gave her some hints about the basic two-dimensional shapes that each of the three-dimensional blocks have, and used words like curves, straight sides, corners, and a sharp point.

Aimee was left to figure out how each set of descriptions would match the three-dimensional geometrical shapes. When she had finished matching, Aimee was very pleased with herself, as she got them all correct. She was then instructed to turn over the card to read the label for each of the shapes.

Aimee matches the wooden shapes with the shape name on the card

(Clicking on image opens full size version)

Correct matching at:

  • first attempt – cone and sphere
  • second attempt – cone, sphere, cylinder, cube, pyramid, and prism.

Excellent work!

Footnote: We made different shaped hats for Melissa’s birthday party later in the year (2007). Aimee replied immediately and excitedly, “Cones!” to her classmates when I asked the class what they were. On 19 September 2008, I rearranged the tables and Aimee noticed the change. I asked, “Do you know the new shape?” She said, “Hexagon.” Wonderful!