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Amy is an active class member

exemplar wheel

Student background

Student Amy
Age 17
Year 12
School Secondary

Amy has a love of all things musical. She is a very sociable student, but has been quite dependent on adults to initiate and sustain these interactions. She uses a manual wheelchair around school and is beginning to use a power wheelchair for longer distances.

Amy has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. She is based in the Mainstream support unit, which includes up to 11 other students. The school receives ongoing and reviewable resourcing schemes (ORRS) funding to support Amy and most of the other students in the department. All of Amy’s programmes are planned by the classroom teacher, in consultation with Amy’s parents, teacher aides and Amy herself, and are, at times, delivered by the teacher aides. The “Where to next?” section is also planned by the teacher, in consultation with all involved.