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Amy is an active class member

Amy and Petra reading

Analysis – what learning is happening here?

Key competencies

Using language, symbols, and texts

Petra communicated the fact that she was ready for reading and Amy interpreted the message and read the book to her.

Participating and contributing

Both students were actively involved in shared reading time.

Relating to others

They both shared a common activity thus consolidating their friendship.

Learning areas

Level 1 English: Listening, Reading, and Viewing: purposes and audiences

Amy showed an understanding that texts can be shared with Petra, the audience.

Level 1 English: Listening, Reading, and Viewing: language features

Amy was able to recognise a number of the high frequency words and, with picture clues, was able to identify the interest words.

Level 1 English: Speaking, Writing, and Presenting: purposes and audiences

Amy read the book with a great degree of finesse and expression and Petra just loved it. Amy is beginning to convey personal voice when presenting.