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Anna sings

Breakfast at school

Student Anna Date 2 April 2007
Observer Anne (teacher aide)
Susan (Anna's Mum)

This morning Anna came into the room with her Mum. She took the carton of milk and gave it to me to indicate her need for a drink. She got the lunch bag out, too, but she was grizzling at the same time.

One of the teaching strategies is that when Anna grizzles for food we sing the lunchtime song to her. Anna has to be quiet before we can give her the prompt for something to eat. So I sang the song, “I am so hungry” to Anna. Anna kept quiet and listened attentively, after which she sang it back to us so beautifully.

Susan was really impressed and I was delighted that Anna is slowly learning that she needs to sing the song and not grizzle in order for her to indicate her need to eat. Susan said she did not think Anna could vocalise such a complicated song as the one we taught her.

Excellent singing Anna!