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Anna sings


Analysis – what learning is happening here?

Links to individual education programme goal

Anna can respond by singing the song, “I’m so hungry”.

Key competencies

Using language, symbols, and texts

  • I can tell you what I think/need/feel.


  • I can use what I already know.

Relating to others

  • I can accept others who are new to me.
  • I can express myself to different people.
  • I can transfer what I learnt to unfamiliar people.

Learning areas

Level 1 English: Listening, Reading, and Viewing: processes and strategies

  • Uses processing and some comprehension strategies with some confidence.

Level 1 English: Speaking, Writing, and Presenting: language features

  • Uses some oral, written, and visual language features to create meaning and effect.

As I do not see Anna very often, she does not always respond to my prompts. So it was really cool that she responded so well this time. Anna used her singing request songs to tell me her needs.

Anna is beginning to know that songs function to get something for her.