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Caitlin holds a conversation

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Student background

Student Cailtin
Age 12
Year 7
School Intermediate

Caitlin is a student in a year 6/7 composite class of 30 children at a full primary* school in a rural town.

Caitlin enjoys “being one of the girls” and playing with her friends. She is very dramatic.

She has a severe communication disorder, severe dyspraxia, and takes medication for epilepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Caitlin’s school receives 0.1 FTE supplementary learning support (SLS) teacher, on average, four hours of teacher aide support per week and support from a speech language therapist once a fortnight. Caitlin uses language to communicate but most sounds and sentence structures are difficult for others to understand. She initiates some conversations, but this is an area of focus for her, particularly with her peers.

*Note: Full primary school includes year 7 and 8 (intermediate) classes.