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Caleb makes friends

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Student background

Student Caleb
Age 8
Year 3
School Primary

Caleb lives at home with his mother, father, sister, and a dog that he adores. He loves cars, trucks, and Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) time at school. Caleb wants to drive buses when he is an adult. Caleb has global delay and his school receives 0.1 FTTE teacher support and 12 hours teacher aide time.

Caleb is a very friendly, cheerful boy who loves following adults around in the playground. Although he is very friendly, he has no interest in “playing” with children, even though the girls are certainly happy to include him in their games. Caleb is not interested in ball games with the boys – the games are too fast and Caleb is not interested in chasing a ball. He tends to kick the ball once or twice then walk away. At his last individual education programme (IEP) meeting we decided one of his focuses would be social skills.