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Corban and Aaliyah recite poetry

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Student background

Student Corban & Aaliyah
Age 6
Year 1
School Primary

Corban loves policemen and trucks. He has several friends and his interests include soccer and horse riding. Corban is well organised and is one of the first children in the class of 21 ready for the school day. Corban speaks in three- to four-word phrases or sentences, and he is short sighted.

Corban has global developmental delay and has a supplementary learning support (SLS) teacher three times a week for three quarters of an hour per session to further support his learning. He uses others as a cue for speech and behaviour; for example, if another child laughs, Corban will laugh. He is unaware of body space and the significance people place on their belongings. Corban responds well to clear and close boundaries. There are inconsistencies with his learning and therefore it is difficult at times to know where to aim things.

It was discovered recently that Aaliyah has fantastic rhythm and loves to dance. As a result, she has been attending music therapy for the last six months.

Aaliyah has global developmental delay. We have been working out ways to help Aaliyah learn how to be with others in a classroom environment.

The skills we have been focusing on include waiting, taking turns, and recognising personal space. This has been further supported by the SLS teacher, who works with Aaliyah three times a week for three quarters of an hour per session.