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Dean thinking things through

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Student background

Student Dean
Age 14
Year 9
School Secondary

Dean has incredible hand-eye co-ordination and enjoys using Playstation at home. He has a permanent head injury and is deaf in one ear. He gets very tired and finds it difficult to follow instructions.

Dean receives funding support from the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). This includes funding for a full-time teacher aide. Dean only began full-time schooling in his last term of year 8. Since term 4, 2007, we have worked with ACC, Dean’s father, and Dean’s previous school towards a successful transition to secondary school. We expect this process to take all of 2008. The main goal is to support Dean to engage in the classroom and to manage his behaviour so he can access the curriculum.

As learning team leader of the Learning Centre, my role is to oversee Dean’s programme and help him, with the support of his family, make the transition to secondary school. I also
co-ordinate the input from the ACC team, and oversee teacher aide support on a period-by-period basis.

A standard exercise book is used to record learning events for Dean. This is done primarily by his teacher aide and this information is shared with everyone who works with Dean and his family. These jottings have formed the basis of this string of learning stories. They also inform his individual education programme (IEP).