Hope gains credit

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Student background

Student Hope
Age 18
Year 13
School Secondary

Hope has considerable health and learning needs. Her mother died when she was four years old and she spent the next 13 years with the Open Home Foundation. This year she is flatting with other girls in similar situations.

Hope has had many setbacks in her life but wants to achieve. She lacks confidence, is a slow reader, and struggles with writing. At the beginning of the year she had a total of five National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) level 1 credits in literacy and the rest were supported units.

In term 1, I was allocated an NCEA level 2 English class of 15 students selected by the head of department for English. All the students had only achieved a small number of NCEA level 1 credits and had learning difficulties or found English challenging. Their progress had suffered from being poor self-starters and from a lack of confidence in their own abilities. Hope asked to transfer into this class.

Though there were three other year 13 students in the class as well as Hope, most of the students were year 12. Hope did not know the other students so it was a brave move on her part. I also knew it would be a real challenge to try and get her to the required level. After a consultation interview, Hope and I agreed she would focus mainly on NCEA level 1 tasks and set a goal to complete her literacy requirements by the end of the year.

Hope has been under the wing of the Learning Centre since coming to our school last year and we have a good working relationship. We have learning progress discussions on a regular basis.

While students in the class are moving through a range of units at either NCEA level 1 or 2, according to abilities, each student is on an agreed individual programme. Progress depends on matching skills, interest, and motivation to units.