Hugh’s literacy leaps

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Student background

Student Hugh
School Intermediate

When Hugh arrived at intermediate school, we found that it was difficult to adapt the curriculum for literacy and numeracy as we could not understand his speech and Hugh could not
read and write.

Our speech-language therapist helped us with communication issues, and we also organised dual enrolment for Hugh in The Correspondence School. Both of these things helped us to access resources for Hugh, based on his individual education programme (IEP). In addition, his family provided a laptop and a software program that helped Hugh with phonological awareness.

(Refer to the exemplar "Sign language helps Hugh” for details of the speech-language intervention with Makaton.) Hugh did not recognise words or letters, except for his name, but once he began to sign words and became a more confident communicator, we were surprised by the progress in his learning.

These stories have been written by two teacher aides, with the help of Chris who is one of Hugh’s teachers.