Jason’s eye for detail

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Student background

Student Jason
Age 8
Year 4
School Primary

In 2007, Jason discovered a love of drawing, particularly cartoons. He likes the rich visual details and has joined a cartoon club run by other children at school. He prefers drawing to writing and uses art to communicate ideas.

In 2008, Jason’s classroom is much bigger than the previous year. He has a special corner where, when he needs to, he can take some time out to look at his favourite books before rejoining class activities. Jason loves books with visual detail; he is a big Sponge Bob (cartoon Sponge Bob Square Pants) fan and enjoys anything to do with Star Wars.

He is able to read material at 7 to 7.5-year-old reading age and has a good memory for sight words. Jason’s ability to discuss meaning in text is improving as he gets older.

On a good day, Jason can communicate his preferences, wants, and needs very effectively with words and uses a range of expressions gained from favourite television programmes and DVDs. Jason is physically able and enjoys being in on class and school activities.

Keryn (special needs co-ordinator) has been Jason’s specialist teacher for the past three years and helped record the stories included here. In 2008, Amanda (class teacher) is released to be his 0.1 FTE ongoing and reviewable resourcing schemes (ORRS) teacher. This is a new arrangement that works very well for Jason and makes the management of changes during the day much easier for him. Jason will often sit apart from group activities and may complete activities some time after the others (up to several weeks later) after he has seen the task or the outcome.

A teacher aide assists Jason to manage environmental challenges, join in with class tasks at the same time as others (where possible), and develop independence in class activities. Jason has a range of visual supports to manage his day and he uses these with increasing independence. He has about 11 hours teacher aide support a week.