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Student background

Student Tegan
Year 9
School Secondary

In 2008 Tegan made the transition to her local co‑educational high school. All areas of Tegan’s academic work are made more challenging by a considerable level of dyspraxia, which affects her speech, motor planning, and cognition.

The school received ongoing and reviewable resourcing schemes (ORRS) funding to provide a specialist teacher and teacher aide support for numeracy and literacy only. At Tegan’s request, health, which is a theory-based class, has been replaced by an extra practical physical education class. Tegan attends all other classes, such as cooking, information technology, music, and art without teacher aide support. A meeting was held near the start of the year to explain to those teaching Tegan how best to create an inclusive learning environment for her. Flexibility, adaptability, and good communication among the special education needs co-ordinator (SENCO), subject teachers, Tegan, and Tegan’s family are seen as keys to her successful inclusion.