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You are a writer Finn!

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Student background

Student Finn
Age 7
Year 3
School Primary

Finn is interested in books. He loves being read to and will spend time looking at pictures by himself. He finds it difficult to associate letters with sounds and, consequently, it is hard for him to recognise letters and words. He does recognise a number of words but not always consistently.

Finn is able to hold a pencil in a loose grip with his fist. He uses his left or right hand indiscriminately. This compromises his writing’s legibility. Finn can be attentive for short periods when something is of high interest to him, but he finds it difficult to concentrate in the classroom for long periods of time. Finn will initiate conversations on a one-to-one basis with the teacher and his friends in the playground, particularly when he wants to talk about his own experiences. Finn is one student in a class of 27. In the larger class situation, he is more unlikely to communicate with others. Finn can follow one instruction at a time. With adult questioning and support, Finn is able to think of ideas for a story and to share these verbally with the teacher.