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How to read the exemplar wheel

The exemplar wheel was designed to make visible the layers of learning and effective pedagogy recognised within each exemplar.

The wheel illustrates how students’ learning, as narrated in the learning stories, connects with the key competencies, learning areas, and effective pedagogy defined and described in The New Zealand Curriculum.

The exemplar wheel

At the centre of the wheel is the learner.

  • Innermost ring:
    Key competencies
    (The NZC, pp. 12–13)
  • Middle ring:
    Learning areas
    (The NZC, pp. 16–33)
  • Outermost ring:
    Features of effective pedagogy
    (The NZC, pp. 34–36)

The Principles set out in The New Zealand Curriculum embody beliefs about what is important and desirable in school curriculum – nationally and locally. They should underpin all school decision making.

These principles put students at the centre of teaching and learning, asserting that they should experience a curriculum that engages and challenges them, is forward-looking and inclusive, and affirms New Zealand’s unique identity.

For further information on Principles please refer to New Zealand Curriculum online