About the project

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The Ministry of Education is committed to promoting and supporting effective teaching and learning for all students. This resolve is supported by The New Zealand Curriculum (2007), which brings together key competencies, learning areas, assessment, and effective pedagogy for all students in all learning contexts.

The project, Assessment for Learners with Special Education Needs, focuses on supporting students who are expected to work long term within level 1 of The New Zealand Curriculum. The project includes development of narrative assessment exemplars, guidance, and resources for use by specialist, resource, and classroom teachers and by providers of specialist education services.

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Together Narrative assessment: a guide for teachers and The New Zealand Curriculum Exemplars for Learners with Special Education Needs will support teachers to identify, broaden, and deepen understandings of what students can do and the progress that they make. These resources will help teachers to focus on what their students' learning looks like when opportunities are maximised and possible learning pathways within The New Zealand Curriculum are identified.

If you require any further information about this project or the resources referred to please make contact via email special.education@minedu.govt.nz