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It gives you a real lift

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Time: 1:58 mins


Trish Kamana, Parent, Allenvale School: “The learning stories are great because they give me a clear indication of what Ashleigh’s doing at school and also of how well she’s achieving it.”

Mhairi Joll, Teacher, Allenvale School: “Ashleigh, what three things did you learn how to cook this year?”

Ashleigh Kamana, Student, Allenvale School: ”Shepherd’s pie, apple crumble and lasagne.”

Mhairi: “Which one did you find the easiest to make?”

Ashleigh: “The apple crumble.”

Mhairi: “What did me and Lyn give you to take home when you got to the end of your eight weeks or nine weeks session?”

Ashleigh: “A learning story.”

Mhairi: “And what was the learning story about?”

Ashleigh: “My cooking.”

Trish: “It’s very clear and very distinctive. I can read it. It has all the comments in it that I’m looking for and it just has a more thorough, it just comes through more cleanly, I think, rather than sitting and reading any other form of reporting.”

Ashleigh: “It’s up on the wall at home.”

Mhairi: “Lovely. Who did you show it to?”

Ashleigh: “My family.”

Trish: “Oh, I think Ashleigh loves them because you know, she’ll come home and honestly she can’t wait to get in that door if she’s got a learning story and she’s like, you know, Mum, Mum have a read of this. Today I did this or today I did that, and I have a read of it and I can read all those really positive comments that are given and I can see how she reacts to that, and it just puts her in a really happy place, yeah. And me of course.”

Ashleigh: “I was looking forward to showing Mum the learning story.”

Mhairi: “Did you like it when you got another one?”

Ashleigh: “Yes.”

Trish: “I think the fact that you’re sitting there as a parent, you’re reading your child’s achievements and you’re reading all those positive comments that are also given, it just gives you a real lift. It really does.”