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Across curriculum and over time

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Time: 1:32 mins


Meegan Fraser, Lead Teacher, Allenvale School:

"Every learning story has got a learning area that it pertains to most. Of course learning doesn’t necessarily happen in one area at one time, it could be multiple areas at any given time, but it does ask you to focus or highlight the area that it’s most likely to pertain to. It also allows for us to relate back to IEPs, goals that we’re working on, or transition goals that our senior students are working on. So as a tool it allows us to look at all kinds of different areas, from key competencies to values, to learning areas, to IEPs, to ITPs; they’re a wonderfully variable tool that you can manipulate or use to the best advantage for your students. They can be used to assess not only initial leaning but also learning that happens over an extended period of time. So learning stories for one young man that I have got currently, he started writing at the start of this year being very hesitant and wrote very little and by the end of the year he was writing six or seven sentences and across the course of the year we wrote, I think, four learning stories to illustrate that progression."