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A window into his life at school

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Time: 1:43 mins


Paul Niles, Parent, Allenvale School: “Josh started school here at Allenvale when he was just five and he had no real communication skills at all. We get the learning stories, they come in his bag and the first thing both Lisa and I are really keen to get into his bag when he gets home, get his notebook out, get the stories out that come home. It kind of gives us a window into his life and what he’s up to because he can’t talk to us. He can’t tell us what he’s been doing at school. We get the learning story and we can look through it and see what he’s been up to.”

Megan Gare, Teacher, Allenvale School: “Let’s have a look. Wow Joshieee!” [looking through a learning story with Josh]

Paul: “I guess because the learning stories are in the classroom and he’s doing them with his peers and people that he knows we see him doing things that he probably wouldn’t do at home, or that would take a very long time to get him to do.”

Megan: [looking through a learning story with Josh] “Joshua drinking from a cup for the first time. Yay Joshua!”

Paul: “You know there’s lots of things happening with these learning stories that are helping him in his life and also helping us in our life, you know, in the home life and getting him to be able to do things at home.”

Megan: [looking at a learning story with Josh] “Joshua asking I want…”

Josh: “I want…”

Megan: “Yes, I want …. You were saying “I want cracker” .

Josh: “I want cracker.”

Megan: “Yeah! Good job. Good boy.”