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It adds to her confidence

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Time: 1:17 mins


Jessica Agar, Student, Allenvale School: “One of my transition goals this year has been to organise social events outside of school. I agreed to try this and I asked the students in my class what activities they would like to do.”

Karen Agar, Parent, Allenvale School: “She’s done one that’s relating to social activity and another one that’s relating to answering telephones, which is going to help her when she gets out in the workforce just to be more confident and positive when she’s on the phone.”

Jessica: [Phone rings and Jessica picks up the receiver] “Good morning Jess speaking.”

Karen: “It’s a better indication of what’s actually going on in her school day. Yeah, there’s more information and it’s more regular. When she’s achieved something new you learn about it easier than waiting for a school report.”

Jessica: “Yeah, I shared it. Yeah, so I just talked about it with her and … yeah.”

Karen: “Looking at the telephone answering one, I think it sort of reminds her that she has done it and can do it. You know, sometimes she might sort of think I can’t do that but then she realises oh I’ve done it before so, it works in the end so it sort of adds to the confidence I think.”