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Aaliyah’s learning through mathematics

Reflection - what these stories exemplify

exemplar wheel

Key competencies

Aaliyah’s apparent interest in shapes may have been one of the factors that has helped her to join in class activities with greater focus and consideration of others (managing self and relating to others). This has rubbed off into other areas where Aaliyah is now seeking to participate.

How might these stories strengthen Aaliyah’s identify as a learner

Aaliyah is showing signs that she wants to be an active and valued class member. It is encouraging that, in the third learning story, she initiated her participation in activities with classmates (agency).

Aaliyah’s learning is taking place inside the classroom, outside the classroom, before school, and in the learning areas of mathematics and language (breadth).

Aaliyah showed she could work in a variety of situations (class, group, pair, and individual) and with different materials from within her environment (playground equipment, writing about her chosen geometric shape, shapes in art, printing practice, and reading browsing box) (depth).

For more information on the four dimensions of agency, breadth, continuity, and depth (ABCDs), refer to Narrative assessment: a guide for teachers.

Learning areas

Level 1 health and physical education

Level 1 mathematics and statistics

Aaliyah’s learning is mainly situated in the relationships with other people strand of health education, where she demonstrated respect towards others while expressing her own wants through words and actions. This came through in the context of mathematics in the first and second learning stories (and English in the third learning story).

Effective pedagogy

The teacher, supported by the SLS teacher, continues to provide Aaliyah with modelling and opportunities to join in appropriately with her classmates (providing sufficient opportunities to learn). By pursuing Aaliyah’s apparent interest in mathematics when planning and focusing her further learning, coupled with the growing acceptance of Aaliyah by her peers, the teaching enabled additional learning to take place (teaching as inquiry). This string of learning stories is an example of how learning in health education and the key competencies, which were a focus for Aaliyah, can be nurtured by other learning areas such as mathematics.

Reflective questions for the reader

“Do we seek to be surprised by our students?”

“How do we give our students space to reveal their interests?”

“How do we give our students time to take risks with their learning?”

Useful resources

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