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Aaliyah’s learning through mathematics

Finding a circle

Analysis – what learning is happening here?

Aaliyah showed me that she is able to work outside in a constructive and positive way. This is amazing growth for Aaliyah, as working outside has often resulted in her running away from the group. Now that she has demonstrated this ability, I will be more able to use opportunities to use the playground as a teaching resource.

Key competencies

Managing self

Aaliyah showed that she was interested in what we have been learning about in the classroom.

She displayed the ability to follow instructions and work outside the classroom, quietly and independently.

Participating and contributing

Aaliyah took part and discovered a shape in her environment. She was able to tell her friends about the shape she had found.

Learning areas

Level 1 health and physical education: Healthy Communities and Environments: rights responsibilities and laws, people and the environment

  • Take individual and collective action to contribute to environments that can be enjoyed by all.

Level 1 mathematics and statistics: Geometry and Measurement: shape

  • Sort objects by their appearance.