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Aaliyah’s learning through mathematics

Making a dinosaur

Analysis – what learning is happening here?

Aaliyah is showing that she can manage herself and relate to others in the classroom. She waited her turn to share and select the shapes she wanted.

Her interest in this activity is something I need to explore. Her usual short attention span and frustration with given activities did not happen. She was able to wait, share, and to persevere until the activity was complete. This may be due to an interest in mathematical ideas.

Key competencies

Managing self, Relating to others

Aaliyah followed instructions and demonstrated her ability to share with others. She was able to wait her turn and then choose the shapes she wanted, without disturbing other students’ learning.

She independently chose her shapes and also decided what picture she was going to make.

Learning areas

Level 1 health and physical education: Relationships with Others

  • Explore and share ideas about relationships with other people.

Level 1 mathematics and statistics: Geometry and Measurement: shape

  • Sort objects by their appearance.