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Aaliyah’s learning through mathematics

Mixing with my friends

Analysis – what learning is happening here?

Aaliyah has grown so much. She is able to sit at a desk with other children without interrupting them. I will keep a desk with activities that she is able to do independently in a quiet area for her to go to when her frustrations are not under control. It will be important to ensure that she continues to develop the social skills we are focusing on in the classroom and with the SLS teacher in order to form good relationships; for example, learning to be a group member. Picking suitable buddies for classroom activities will help support her participation in the classroom.

Key competencies

Managing self

Aaliyah wants to be accepted by the other children. Previously, she had usually been socially excluded by the other children. As she has started to show that she can manage herself in relation to the interests of the group, she has become more part of the class. The other children like her and encourage her to control some of her frustrations.

Relating to others

Aaliyah wants to be a friend and has shown she can relate to others in more positive ways.

Participating and contributing

Aaliyah wants to do what her classmates are doing and to share appropriately.

Learning areas

Level 1 health and physical education: Relationships with Others

  • Express their own ideas, needs, wants, and feelings clearly and listen to those of other people.