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Amy writes her name

Amy writes her name

Student Amy Date February to June 2008
Topic For Amy to write her
name independently
Observer Anne-Marie
(ORRS specialist teacher)

14 February 2008

Amy is writing her name, matching the example given. Nine letters, including the three she requires, are removed to the whiteboard (left of photo) to make selection easier. Amy successfully locates each letter in the correct order and writes her name.

28 February 2008

The class is all working on a written phonics exercise. Amy is with her peers, practising forming letter shapes. She is consistently right-handed. She supports her work with her left hand. Amy finds it easier at this stage to write with a whiteboard marker.

28 February 2008

Amy says, “A” when I trace the letter in the sand. Amy traces over the shape with a stick.

She enjoys tracing over all the letters of her name and is able to identify the word as “Amy” when asked.

28 February 2008

Amy is painting her name with water on an outside table. She is joined by an older student who practises writing his name and Amy’s name. They talk about what they are doing using sign language, which is the other student’s method of communication. Amy adapts spontaneously and signs also.

27 March 2008

The story says, “Amy is eating”. Amy chose the photograph and contributed to the text saying, “Amy eat”. Amy glues words underneath to match the sentence. She recognises her name in print. She reads the story back carefully with correct one-to-one matching. She reads her story to the teacher.

27 March 2008

Amy is practising handwriting skills in her printing book. She traces over her name with a soft lead pencil. She consistently recognises her name in print. She is keen to share her work and appropriately seeks feedback.

10 April 2008

Amy has carefully and accurately traced over her name. Amy is calling to the teacher to look at what she has done, saying “Look Mac”. She is proud of her work. The teacher shares her wonderful printing with the class.

22 May 2008

I assist Amy to make an “A” shape. Together, we make “sausage” shapes from playdough. Amy independently forms an “m” and a “y” shape. She is proud of what she has achieved and asks me, “Photo?” A copy of the photo is sent home to share.

19 June 2008

Amy is painting her name. The letter shapes are clear. Amy is able to read what she has painted. After painting the “y” she paints a fullstop and says, “Finish”. She changes her grip from the one used for writing, to holding the end of the brush as she begins to draw a picture of herself under her name.

29 June 2008

Amy is writing a story. After generating language and matching cut-up text, Amy independently and legibly writes her name at the end of the story. She then reads her story carefully and accurately back to the teacher. Amy is proud of her work and initiates a “high five”.