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Amy writes her name

Amy writes her name

Where to next?

The next steps will be to continue to provide Amy with a range of activities that promote the development of fine motor skills that will help her to hold and control her pencil (playdough, knob jigsaws, mazes, painting, whiteboard, and pens). We will use these opportunities to facilitate peer interaction by sharing the activities with other class members.

Amy will practise typing and printing her name on the computer using the keyboard. Initially, we will place bold stickers on the keys she needs to use. When she is successful, we will extend this to include printing and typing other words that Amy recognises; for example, “Mum” and “Dad” and other high-frequency words that support her learning in English.

Future individual education programme goal

A future individual education programme (IEP) goal will be for Amy to consistently and independently print three words accurately and legibly (Amy, Mum, Dad).