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Amy writes her name

Amy writes her name

Analysis – what learning is happening here?

Individual education programme goal

  • Amy will write her name independently.

Amy is now learning to be an independent printer. She demonstrates an ability to focus both when working as part of a group or on an independent task. Amy demonstrates consistent right-handedness. She has clearly made the link between reading and writing. With small amounts of text, she consistently matches one-to-one by pointing to each word as she reads.

Amy’s perspective

“Look, look, Mac.” Amy wants the class teacher to see her successful printing and holds her work up for the class teacher to see.

I ask Amy to show me her printing. She looks at me with a big smile and says “Good!” Amy shows pride in her work and is beginning to develop self-assessment skills.

Teacher’s perspective

Amy’s teacher discusses her progress with me, and expresses her pleasure in Amy’s progress, saying, “I’m very pleased with her. She’s so much better at following the routines,” and “She’s doing beautiful printing with the class now”.

Learning areas

Level 1 English

These successes show Amy’s achievement. She initiates writing her name on completed tasks and realises this written work reflects part of her identity. She appropriately seeks and receives praise for her printing from the teacher. Amy is motivated to participate with her peers and enjoys completing other writing tasks.