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Ben’s good decisions at sport

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Student background

Student Ben
Age 14
School Secondary

Ben’s strengths include reading, mathematics, and basketball. Ben is in a class with seven other students, two teachers and three full-time teacher aides at a special school.

Ben has developmental dyspraxia. Over the past two years we have been helping Ben to deal with social situations that he finds challenging; for example, participating with lots of different people at sport. Ben is successful at basketball because he has the necessary skills to participate, knows the people he is playing with (usually), and has a firm understanding of the rules. He also knows that he is good at basketball, so he is more likely to engage positively and can ignore some of the things that would upset him in other arenas.

Although Ben understands the rules of tee-ball and soccer, he is uncertain about the students from the other schools. The physical aspects of soccer add to his anxiety as he finds it difficult to differentiate between a legitimate tackle and an act of physical aggression.