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Brittany the artist

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Student background

Student Brittany
Year 6
School Primary

Brittany is a student in the Conductive Education unit at a primary school. There are seven students with ongoing and reviewable resourcing schemes (ORRS) funding based in this class.

The class has regular daily interactions with the children from the classroom next door. They are fully involved with the school, both academically and socially.

Brittany and classmates

Headshot of Brittany
Headshot of Matthew
Headshot of Lucas
Headshot of Sarah
Headshot of Keriann
Headshot of George
Brittany Matthew Lucas Sarah Keriann George Charlie

Marshall, who also has ORRS funding, is enrolled in the mainstream and is joining the group for the project. Damon is a special friend to our class from the mainstream.

Headshot of Marshall
Headshot of Damon
Marshall Damon

Brittany likes being involved in all aspects of the class routine and she particularly enjoys all education outside the classroom. She is good at making friends and maintaining friendships with other children in the school. One of her favourite things is to turn the skipping rope at lunchtimes so other children can jump.