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Celebrating as a community that’s learning

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Learners background


There are nine students featured throughout the learning stories. Seven of these students are from Room 7 and enrolled at Conductive Education. All seven students have ongoing and reviewable resourcing schemes (ORRS) funding.

Room 7 students

Headshot of Brittany
Headshot of Matthew
Headshot of Lucas
Headshot of Sarah
Headshot of Keriann
Headshot of George
Brittany Matthew Lucas Sarah Keriann George Charlie

Marshall, who also has ORRS funding, is enrolled in the mainstream and is joining the group for the project. Damon is a special friend to our class from the mainstream.

Headshot of Marshall
Headshot of Damon
Marshall Damon

Of the students with ORRS funding, Brittany and Marshall are the only two who communicate by speech. Marshall is a school leader and Whānau Kapene (house captain). After attending a convention for young leaders, he returned to school with the aim of helping some of his friends who were unable to speak.

This group of students have known each other for many years and many have been together since early intervention at Conductive Education. A new student, Charlie, joined the class in term 3. All students are year 4 to 8. Most of the children have low vision and need help to access materials. Most have a way to indicate their preferences when making choices.


Headshot of Libby
Headshot of Helen
Headshot of Rob
Headshot of Dawne
Headshot of Juanita


(arts and EfS advisor)
(teacher aide)
Headshot of Sarah (teacher aide)
Headshot of Vanessa
Headshot of Belinda
Headshot of Lauren

(teacher aide)
(teacher aide)
Belinda (teacher aide) Lauren
(Brittany’s sister)

Libby is the class teacher, Helen is an arts and education for sustainability (EfS) advisor for the Canterbury region, Rob is the cameraman, Dawne is a volunteer of 6 years in the class Juanita, Sarah, Belinda, Vanessa and Marie are teacher aides and Lauren is Brittany’s sister.

Education for Sustainability fosters student centred learning processes such as cooperative learning and experiential learning as students learn in, about and for the environment in real life contexts.