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Celebrating as a community that’s learning

Getting started

Analysis – what learning is happening here?

Key competencies

Participating and contributing, Relating to others, Thinking

This was the initial session of our art project. The children were adjusting to new people in the room and to being filmed. They quickly came to terms with the changes and once they knew what was expected of them, took up the challenge. The students explored colour mixing, painting techniques, making choices about colours and textures, and applying paint. They were able to talk about what they were doing and to talk to each other.

Learning areas

Level 1 the arts: Developing Practical Knowledge: visual arts

  • Explore a variety of materials and tools and discover elements and selected principles.

Level 1 the arts: Communicating and Interpreting: visual arts

  • Share the ideas, feelings, and stories communicated by their own and others’ objects and images.

Level 1 the arts: Understanding the Arts in Context: visual arts

  • Share ideas about how and why their own and others’ works are made, their purpose, value, and context.

Level 1 the arts: Visual Arts: developing ideas

  • Investigate visual ideas in response to a variety of motivations, observation, and imagination.

Education for Sustainability: education in the environment, education about the environment (Refer pp 14 Guidelines for Environmental Education in New Zealand Schools 1999; Principle of Future Focus pp 9. The New Zealand Curriculum 2007).