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Celebrating as a community that’s learning

Linking it together

Analysis – what learning is happening here?

This project has been an opportunity for real choice making, collaborative decision-making, group reflection, and a chance to learn and build on specific techniques with paint and printmaking.

All the children grew in so many ways, as did teachers and support staff. Having newcomers in our classroom, who recognised the skill and expert knowledge of the support staff and who acknowledged them for the genuine choices they offered and facilitated for each child, made the support staff feel valued and appreciated.

Having both children and teachers being filmed and interviewed put the spotlight on teaching and learning and made us reflect and think deeply about why we did things, decisions we made, questions we asked, and the time we waited for the child to respond.

Our learning strengthened over time with a deep understanding about the individual strengths of each child being celebrated and built upon.

Through a shared process and collective work, individual efforts contributed to the completed works.

Key competencies

Relating to others

The length of the project, the special attention to record each session, and the opportunity to watch ourselves on a slide show the following day all helped the group to feel worthwhile as a community of learners.

Learning areas

Level 1 the arts: Developing Ideas: visual arts

  • Investigate visual ideas in response to a variety of motivations, observation, and imagination.

Level 1 the arts: Developing Practical Knowledge: visual arts

  • Explore a variety of materials and tools, and discover elements and selected principles.

Level 1 the arts: Communicating and Interpreting: visual arts

  • Share the ideas feelings and stories communicated by their own and others’ objects and images.

Level 1 the arts: Understanding the Arts in Context: visual arts

  • Share ideas about how and why their own and others’ works are made and their purpose, value, and context.

Education for Sustainability: education in the environment, education about the environment (Refer pp 14 Guidelines for Environmental Education in New Zealand Schools 1999; Principle of Future Focus pp 9. The New Zealand Curriculum 2007).