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Emma’s physical education takes off

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Student background

Student Emma
Age 15
Year 10
School Secondary

Emma has a delightful sense of humour and a ready smile, and she is willing to give things a go but needs a lot of initial support. As a result of Emma’s better understanding of classroom routines, she is more relaxed, self-motivated, and independent.

Emma is a student in the Mainstream support unit, which includes up to 11 other students. The school has supplementary learning support funding and a teacher aide to support Emma with her two mainstream options. Emma has “across-the-board” learning needs. She requires assurance and very specific step-by-step verbal instructions to enable her to participate in all of her classes.

All of Emma’s programmes are planned by the classroom teacher, in consultation with Emma’s parents, teacher aides, and Emma herself, and are, at times, delivered by teacher aides. Possible pathways are planned by the teacher, in consultation with all involved. All of these stories occur within community settings – the local school/community gym, the local swimming pool, and the nearest city’s sports facilities located in an inner city park.