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Nathan the reader

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Student background

Student Nathan
Age 5
Year 1
School Primary

Nathan lives in a small, rural community and has been at school for almost a year.

Nathan attends school three half-days and two full days. From term 3, 2008, Nathan will attend school full time.

Nathan is demonstrating a passion for literacy. He loves being read to and spends a lot of time browsing through books. He spells many words with his magnetic letters.

There has been significant growth of Nathan’s literacy capabilities, especially in understanding of text, sharing excitement with text, and communicating with text. Nathan has autism and is essentially “non-verbal” except for the use of “ah ha” with different intonations to communicate intent.

Nathan communicates using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and Makaton Sign Language (Makaton). The school education team is in the process of assessing communication devices to enable Nathan to communicate with others in and out of the classroom.