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Nathan the reader

Nathan learns to read

Student Nathan Date 24 May 2008
Observer Bridget (Mum)

Intended learning outcome

  • Independently select and read for enjoyment.


In this video clip Nathan is joining in with his class reading poetry. He is able to independently find the poem in his book and then match one-to-one as the poem is read aloud in unison by the other children.(video clip)

Learning story

When I picked Nathan up from school today, his teacher told me that Nathan had verbalised the words “up” and “bed” when listening to the teacher read, “The Sun and the Moon” in class. Up until today, Nathan would match one-to-one as text was read to him, but not give any verbal response or attempt to read it himself. So this was a big step. Nathan’s teacher aide sent home another story called, “My Balloon Goes Up” for us to share with Nathan.

All weekend, Nathan repeated the word “up” and demonstrated its meaning by reaching up. We read and reread the book, “My Balloon Goes Up”.

By the end of the weekend, Nathan read the story, he made sounds for all the text; for example, “t” (the) “ba” (balloon) “go” (goes) “up” (up). Nathan also used magnetic letters to spell many of the words from the story. Nathan is always eager to have books read to him at home and is keen to write words that are read to him or spell them on his magnetic board.

Footnote: One year after this story was written Bridget captured this video clip of Nathan's awesome independent reading at home.