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Nathan the reader

Nathan reads a whole reader

Student Nathan Date 30 June 2008
Observer Mary (teacher)

Intended learning outcome

  • Actively participate in guided (instructional) reading group.

Over the past few days, Nathan has demonstrated a willingness to use words more and more in the classroom setting and to say the occasional word during the reading of a familiar story. During instructional reading with his group, Nathan would point to the text as the teacher or another child read the story to him. Yesterday, during reading, Nathan began verbalising the words while the classroom release teacher pointed to them. He made a sound for each word or said the whole word. Nathan then re-read the story a number of times. Each time he read the story, he pronounced the words more clearly and more audibly.

Today, I introduced a previously unread story called, “What would you like?” I introduced the story to the children in the group and we talked about what was happening on each page.

The children then read the story independently. I assisted Nathan with pointing as he read the text. He attempted all the words and read many of the high frequency words clearly. I helped him with the pronunciation of some of the longer words that he only said the first syllable for; words such as, “grasshopper” (pronounced as “gra” by Nathan). Nathan then re-read the story to Debbie (teacher aide) and a teacher from another classroom.