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Nathan the reader

Nathan knows high frequency words

Student Nathan Date 2 July 2008
Observer Mary (teacher)

Intended learning outcome

  • Recognise and read high frequency words.

As part of continuing assessment of the emergent readers in Room 3, all children in the class are asked to read high frequency words printed on cards. Because Nathan has, up until now, been essentially “non-verbal”, this task was completed asking Nathan to find the correct card. He was shown three word cards at a time. The teacher aide would say, for example, “Find me the card that says “the”. Nathan would then indicate which card he thought it was.

In February, this method revealed that Nathan could find approximately 10 words.

However, we were unsure of the accuracy of this method because Nathan could not verbalise the word and often needed hand-over-hand support to point to the card.

This term, with Nathan beginning to read simple texts, his ongoing and reviewable resourcing schemes (ORRS) teacher decided to check Nathan’s knowledge of the high frequency words again, this time asking him to read them from the cards, as do the other emergent readers in the class. This day, Nathan correctly read 33 of the 40 words shown to him.